The Best Sprayers for Gardening and Agriculture: Discover Volpi Originale Products

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or an agricultural professional, having a quality sprayer can make the difference. Volpi Originale sprayers are designed to meet the needs of hobbyists and professionals.

In this article, we will explore what spray pumps are, their uses and our models: Smart 5lt, Kompress 6lt and Proton 7lt.

What is a sprayer?

A sprayer is an essential tool for spraying liquids evenly over plants and surfaces. These liquids can include herbicides, fertilizers and water. Volpi Originale sprayer pumps are available in various capacities and can be
manual or electric, providing versatility and high performance.

What is a sprayer used for?

Sprayers are used in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Weed control: Application of herbicides to eliminate weeds.
  • Plant protection: Distribution of treatments to protect plants from pests and diseases.
  • Fertilization: Administration of liquid fertilizers to improve the growth of plants.
  • Cleaning: Use of cleaning solutions to clean outdoor surfaces.
  • Spraying: Distribution of water to small areas or specific plants.

Areas of use: hobby and professional

Volpi Originale sprayers are ideal for both hobbyists and professionals. Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate the ease of use and the precision in the care of gardens and vegetable gardens, while professionals will find in our products reliable tools for maintaining large green areas.


Home gardens: Sprayers such as Smart 5lt Smart 5lt are perfect for use in home gardens. For example, you can use them to apply water-based solutions on small flower beds, protect roses and other ornamental plants with treatments, or fertilize your lawn to keep it green and healthy.

Vegetable gardens: If you have a small vegetable garden, a sprayer is indispensable. You can use Kompress 6lt to apply liquid fertilizer to tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables, ensuring lush and healthy growth.


Agriculture: In the agricultural setting, such as on small farms, you can use them to apply treatments and fertilizers to crops such as fruits and vegetables, ensuring effective protection against pests and optimal
growth of the plants.

Urban green maintenance: For professionals involved in the public green maintenance, Proton 7lt offers a versatile solution. For example, it can be used to treat large green areas in city parks with herbicides or fertilizers, reducing timelines and increasing the efficiency of the work.

Nurseries: Nurserymen benefit greatly from using Volpi Originale sprayers. For example, with Kompress 6lt, you can apply nutrient solutions to the younger plants, ensuring that they receive the nourishment they need for healthy and vigorous growth.

Horticultural sector: In this sector, sprayers are essential for the management of greenhouses and open field crops. Kompress 6lt, is ideal for precision treatments on flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants, facilitating fertilization and protection operations.


Types of sprayers

Volpi Originale offers a wide range of high-quality sprayers. Let’s discover together some models of the VBLACK line:

Smart 5lt

Smart 5lt is a lightweight and practical sprayer, perfect for gardening in autonomy. With a capacity of 5 liters, it is ideal for hobbyists who wish to keep their garden or vegetable garden in perfect condition. Easy to use, it ensures precise application of solutions.

Kompress 6lt

Kompress 6lt is a manual sprayer with a 6 liter tank, completely manufactured in-house with high-quality plastic molding machines. Thanks manual pump drive, it is robust and reliable, perfect for both hobbyist as well as for small professional applications.

Proton 7lt

Proton 7lt is a robust and reliable electric pre-compression sprayer with a capacity of 7 liters. The controls and operating devices are integrated in the handle to ensure quick operation. The aluminum lance and brass nozzle provides uniform spraying over large areas.

volpi originale

Volpi Originale sprayers are indispensable tools for anyone who wants to keep plants and green surfaces healthy. Our Smart 5lt, Kompress 6lt and Proton 7lt offer solutions to suit all needs, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Visit Volpi Originale and discover the full range of our sprayers. Remember: investing in a quality sprayer is
essential to achieve excellent results and keep your green space in its healthiest and most lush form

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