The Art of Pruning: Tips and Tools for a Perfect Job

Pruning is an ancient practice whose origins are lost in time. The term, which derives from the Latin ‘putare‘ (meaning to cut), refers to an operation involving many plants, including olive trees.

The operation for the latter has the main purpose of irradiating the plants. Specifically, it consists of cutting the branches in order to eliminate shady areas and allow a more luxuriant and better quality harvest for the following year.

In this article, we will discuss pruning in general, with a focus on olive trees pruning.

In the final section, we will look at some working tools that can enable you to prune even more efficiently, quickly and with high quality.

Why pruning plants

Pruning is one of the oldest practices, but even today it is often neglected and feared by many farmers and hobbyists, even experts. It requires a thorough knowledge of the plant and a mastery of the techniques to be used . However, it is an essential practice because it allows:

  • Keeping plants healthy: e.g. by removing dead or diseased parts.
  • Monitoring growth: maintaining the desired size.
  • Favouring production: maximising flower and fruit yields.
  • Protect people and property: pruning can also have the purpose of preventing dangers caused by weak branches at risk of falling.

In addition to these points, there are others that are equally important. Sometimes pruning becomes necessary to prevent or eliminate diseases and pests, or to stimulate the flowering or fruiting process. For some plants, finally, pruning has only an aesthetic purpose.

What are the pruning periods

The periods for pruning vary from plant to plant. Knowing the precise period is essential to operate correctly, avoiding damage to the plants and preserving their health and productivity.

In general, the end of winter is the ideal time to prune most trees.

The rule that must always be followed is to prune the plants when they are in a state of vegetative rest, i.e. before the start of blooming, which usually begins at the end of winter, starting from March.

During this period, we prune vines, citrus fruits, apple trees, pear trees and numerous other plants.

As far as olive trees are concerned, times vary depending on the area and climatic conditions.

Again, the common tendency is to carry out pruning towards the end of winter. However, it is not unusual to see farmers opting for pruning immediately after the harvest period, bringing it forward to October and November, before winter.

Tips for pruning olive trees

There are numerous techniques, dedicated manuals and tricks that have been handed down through generations to effectively prune the olive tree. Getting the best information is certainly helpful in preserving the health of the plant.

It is important to emphasise that giving generic advice could be misleading, as each plant requires a specific approach adapted to its needs and local conditions. We can only point out here that:

  • The ideal time for pruning olive trees is the end of winter. During this season there is less risk of damaging the plant.
  • The olive tree is a bushy plant that naturally tends to produce many branches that are often intertwined. An experienced farmer or agronomist might advise not pruning excessively, respecting the natural habit of the plant.
  • Do not remove too many leaves: it is important to remember that leaves are essential for the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis. They should always be left in abundance on the tree.
  • When cutting a branch, avoid cutting it at the base, but always leave a few centimetres. This precaution preserves the lymph vessels and reduces the risk of attack by fungi and bacteria.

Professional Pruning Tools

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