V.Battery by Volpi: One Solution for the Best Tools

V.Battery by Volpi Originale is the rechargeable made-in-Italy battery, innovative, lightweight and compatible with different Volpi products.

Now you have one more reason to choose our tools. Read on to find out more about the compatibility and quality of V.Battery.

The long-standing problem of batteries for agricultural tools

When purchasing a battery-powered product, one of the first concerns is the actual battery life. Once this issue is resolved, other questions arise:

  • Does the dealer also supply batteries?
  • How much do batteries cost?
  • Who should I contact to replace the battery?
  • What happens if the product goes out of production?

These questions are often not answered. Things, moreover, tend to get more complicated when, in order to save a little money, tools are purchased from brands that are not well known or not at all. The real risk is having to search unsuccessfully for compatible batteries once the one supplied no longer provides acceptable performance.
To avoid wasting hours of time or having to replace the entire tool due to the impossibility of finding a new battery, it is always a good idea to choose established brands that are present in the area and can provide a quick solution to any problem.
We at Volpi have been operating in this sector since 1879. We are involved in the production and testing of equipment for agriculture, gardening and industrial use, and we offer quality products, while also putting after-sales service at the forefront for all our customers.
For these reasons, we not only invite you to take a look at our products, but also offer you the guarantee that you will find all the assistance you need to replace components (including batteries) in case of failure or wear.

The solution to all problems: Volpi V.Battery

Discover a world where one battery can power a variety of tools and forget the frustration of searching for the right battery for each tool. Choose Volpi V.Battery.

V.Battery is an innovation in the field of rechargeable batteries: lightweight, reliable and made in Italy, it fits many Volpi products.

The quality of V.Battery is another reason to prefer this solution. The batteries are made from carefully selected and tested lithium-ion cells. They are also available in two versions, depending on the power required (28.8Wh or 36.0Wh).

V.Battery is now one more reason to choose our products. Here are some of its versatile applications:

V.Battery: V-Black line compatibility

pompa elettrica v-black volpi

V.Battery is compatible with VITA electric sprayers, our news of the year 2023 and totally made in Italy:

  • VITA 12: Battery-operated sprayer with 12-litre tank, also available with trolley and herbicide bar, for precision applications.
  • VITA 16: Battery-powered sprayer with 16-litre tank, also available in wheeled version and with herbicide bar.

V.Battery: Powercut line compatibility

forbici predator volpi originale

V.Battery is also compatible with products from the professional Powercut line. This means that the same battery can be used with several key tools for agricultural tasks, namely:

  • KV310 electronic pruning shears: These electronic pruning shears are suitable if you also expect fairly demanding pruning work
  • KV360 Electronic pruning shears: These electronic pruning shears are suitable if you also expect professional pruning work
  • KV5 Electronic tying machine: For tying vine shoots in complete freedom and minimising the efforts in the field
  • KVS5100 electronic chainsaw: Ergonomic and lightweight chaisaw

V.Battery: Predator line compatibility

forbici predator volpi originale

Finally, our V.Battery is also compatible with products from the semi-professional Predator line.

Volpi semi-professional line Predator offers a range of pruning products, including electronic pruning shears and chaisaws. Here are all the compatible products:

  • PV280 Electronic pruning shears: These cordless scissors are also suitable for home use
  • PV295 and PV360 electronic pruning shears: Ideal if you are looking for a perfect compromise between power and convenience.
  • PVS5100 electronic chaisaw: Chainsaw ideal for pruning thicker branches.

One battery, one solution: discover the V.Battery line

In conclusion, Volpi Originale V.Battery is an innovative solution to solve the problems associated with agricultural tool batteries.

We at Volpi Originale, with this product, would like to respond to the common concerns of farmers and hobbyists, who can now finally use a single battery that is compatible with different product lines, from the VITA sprayers included in the V-BLACK line, to the pruners and chainsaws of the Powercut and Predator lines.
Choose convenience, quality and the experience of Volpi Originale and discover the unique V.Battery!

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