Pursuant to articles 13.1 and 14.1 of the GDPR 679-2016 defined as “General Data Protection Regulation”, we inform you that the processing of personal data provided for the request to subscribe to the service of sending the institutional NEWSLETTER and with the only aim to fulfil your specific request, will take place at DAVIDE and LUIGI VOLPI S.p.A. based in Via S. Rocco, 10 – 46040 Casalromano (MN) – VAT no. 00136560208 Tel 0376.76009 Fax 0376 76408 – Web site www.volpioriginale.it   E-mail info@volpioriginale.it  also with the use of computerized procedures, in the manner and to the extent necessary for the aforementioned purpose. The data provided will be processed in compliance with the aforementioned regulations, responding to the requirements of confidentiality and legality that inspire our company and for the time necessary for which they were collected that in the event of a request for cancellation, this will be immediate; furthermore the data will not be disseminated. For strictly professional reasons, your data may be disclosed to:


  • Our internal employees regularly appointed and authorized.
  • Our external collaborators, however, identified by us, designated and assigned to this activity.


The provision of the data is mandatory for the correct fulfilment of the obligation deriving from the request and the failure to provide such data will make it impossible to carry out what is prescribed.


Consent is not required, when the processing:

  1. a) is necessary to fulfil an obligation under the law, a regulation or Community legislation;
  2. b) it is necessary to fulfill obligations arising from a contract of which the data subject is part or to fulfil, before the conclusion of the contract, the specific requests of the data subject;
  3. c) it concerns data from public registers, lists, acts or documents available by anyone, subject to the limits and modalities, which the laws, regulations or Community regulations establish for the knowledge and publication of the data.

The data subjects are entitled to the rights referred to in articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of the General Data Privacy Regulation 679-2016, fully disclosed in the Privacy policy published on the website, addressing requests to DAVIDE AND LUIGI VOLPI S.p.A. based in Via S.Rocco, 10 – 46040 Casalromano (MN) – VAT no. 00136560208 Tel 0376.76009 Fax 0376 76408- Website www.volpioriginale.it   E-mail info@volpioriginale.it.